Spinal Workshops

Here are a few examples of our classes to aid you in achieving better health.

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Straighten Up America The Posture Pod

This class is designed to help correct your posture so that your body can work the best way possible. These exercises are simple, quick and very effective. Come to the class to find out more.

Why Water

This class helps you to understand the benefits of water, why you need to be drinking more of it, and how much you really need. Our classes are always on Tuesday nights from 6:30 to 7pm

Health-ify Your Meals

Do you love foods like taco's pizza, burgers, but don't like the negative side to junk foods like this come to the class and find out some easy ways to make these meals and more healthier

Supplements: What, Why, When

There are so many products out there which one is right, wrong, has what you need, isn't worth the money... ever feel like you go nuts just trying to figure it all out? Well then this class is for you!

Attitudes to Gratitude's

Ever feel like you are in a funk and need that little boost (like perpetual Monday madness?) You then need this class to help you turn that funk into FUNky.

Seniors and Chiropractic

Thinking it is too late for you because you are in the wisest group of individuals in the world? Well Many people in their 80's 90's and more have started chiropractic care. It is never too early or too LATE to start doing something healthy.

Kids and Chiropractic

So wait you mean that chiropractic care isn't just for those in pain and aging? You mean to tell me that my kids can and even might NEED to see a chiropractor? This class will answer those questions and many more.

Opioid Epidemic; What can you do?

This is a class to help us all in understanding how we can help others who may be addicted and why they may have gotten this way and HOW to keep others from doing the same.

Pregnancy and Chiropractic

Some women notice an increase in pains associated with pregnancy that chiropractic care can help with. Not only that there are techniques with chiropractic care that help the baby get into the correct position before birth! This class will answer those questions and more

Costs of Health

So, we all know that our health is extremely important. This class talks about the cost benefit analysis of chiropractic care and other types of commonly used methods of treating things like neck pain, back pain, and headaches. We have heard "Chiropractic is so expensive" but is it really? This class may be an eye opener to you.

Ice Vs. Heat:

When we need what!

Many people start looking for heat because it feels good. Does that mean that it is good for you? Come to our class to find out if heat is a good choice or if you should be doing something different.

Stretches: How, Why, & When

What stretches should you be doing? Why are stretches good? Can stretches be bad for you? When should you do your stretches, and how often? Want these and many more questions answered? Come to our class.

Sleep Waking Well:

What to do to wake up rested

This class focuses on things that you can do to better help you get the much needed rest that your body requires to heal and thrive throughout your life. Dr. Adam will go over tips and trick to help you get a much better night's sleep.

Stress: How to Thrive not just Survive!

Stress comes in all forms from the common Negative stress that we all know of but also the positive stressors out there. Dr. Adam will help you not only deal with the physical, and chemical stressors but also the emotional stressors with this class.


How to work with less hurt!

This class focuses on things that you can do to work smarter rather than harder. Many of us are injured by repetitive motion traumas and this class helps us to understand what we can do to limit such physical stressors to out bodies.