Christel is a transplant to Northern Michigan from North Carolina after marrying Dr. Adam (2015). In her off time, she enjoys photography & painting (which you will see in the office) as well as exploring all that Michigan has to offer. Having known the joy of being under chiropractic care from a very early age, Christel is thrilled to be able to help others to now reach their optimal health through chiropractic.

Christel is Mi Family's Front Desk and Technical Chiropractic Assistant working closely with patients, helping Dr. Adam perform examinations, x-rays, and helping patient's on and off of the tables. Christel also is instrumental in helping patients schedule their appointments, spinal workshops, and many other rolls around the office.

If you see a piece of art in the office that you love be sure to tell Christel about it as she is the one who not only decides where it goes but is who made the art as well. She is very talented and Dr. Adam is very grateful to have her by his side.