Posture is a HUGE part of health and wellness. If you don't believe me just search ergonomic anything and you will have a ton of results. Chiropractic is an excellent tool to help correct your overall posture and improve your health. Want to know more feel free to call the office at 231-498-2128 to schedule your complementary consultation with our doctor to see if chiropractic is the right choice for you.

Posture is effected by everything that you do in your day to day life from cooking, driving, reading, to your daily tasks at work. Almost everything that we do in life has us looking down with our shoulders rounded forward. We have to combat this. One of the biggest things that we see in the office is the loss of cervical curve. This is where the patient has lost one the most important curves in the spine as it can put undue pressure into the brain stem and spinal cord resulting in a slue of symptoms. It is our goal not only to relieve the patient of their symptoms but more importantly help to correct their function. The best way to improve function is to get the spinal curves restored. We do this through adjusting the vertebra that are stuck and not moving as well as they need to be and then adding in exercises once motion is restored.

The adjustment as well as the exercises are tailored to the patient and their specific needs. We treat each and every patient as an individual in our office. You may see others who are in our office perform similar exercises or get similar adjustments and this is because You are not alone. Many people our there are suffering from similar conditions and we are happy to help each and every one of you.

If you are curious as to how chiropractic care can help you to achieve a better posture, improve your health, and help you to reach goals that once were only dreams give us a call. 231-498-2128