Jakka; AKA Jack, is Dr. Adam's best friend and office assistant helping to keep morale at peak levels. No worries about tracking in a little bit of snow in the winter Jack loves to help keep the floors clean and clear of all snow debris. He also is a bit of a micro-manager and will follow Dr. Adam and Christel around from time to time so don't be alarmed if you happen to be in the exam room and the door starts to open it is just Jack checking in on his humans.

Jack is a Lhasa Apso which is a low allergen dog as he doesn't really have dander and his coat doesn't shed like most dogs however Jack is allergic to many things so even though he would love treats to be brought into the office he cannot partake as many of them leave him with an upset stomach and no one wants that. There are treats that Dr. Adam and Christel give to him from time to time especially when he has been extra helpful that are tummy approved.

Jack is a senior dog and mainly likes to stay on his beds in the adjustment room or the front office so if you don't see him that is where to look. Don't worry if he is showing his teeth, he has an under-bite and there isn't much he or anyone else can do about that now, just think of it as a smile. Feel free to say hi and give him a belly scratch as he rarely turns one of those down.