Senior Citizens

We have many different techniques that will help those who may suffer from osteoporosis or other common aging signs. Many men and women who are more wise than others tend to come to us because they start to lose function, become weak, or have increasing times of pain and tenderness. (We like to refer to age as a how wise someone is or what their wise level is, not how old someone is in our office because there is so much we all can learn from our elders) That being said we have had many patients starting at our office in their 70's, 80's, and even their 90's! After all any time that you take pressure off of a nerve is always a good thing. I would like to talk about one case that we had years ago. This patient came to us at the wise level of 88. She wasn't able to crochet or knit anymore because her middle fingers were numb. Well the middle finger is from the nerve root of C7 (this is in your neck) and so we went through an exam, then took x-rays, and we were shocked at the level of degeneration, and arthritis that she had in her spine. We explained that recovery is going to be a long road due to the extent of her degenerative changes and she was on board because she just wanted to get back to making blankets, hats, etc. We started her out several times a week with her adjustments and after two months of frequent care she noticed that her finger wasn't numb any longer. Not only that, she was sneaking behind the back of her son to go to the driving range. We were surprised that she mentioned that because she had given up golfing when she turned 80 because it was too much on her. Well after a few months of care and a few visits to the driving range she went out and golfed 9 holes. She did this and told me about it but whispered "don't tell my son" Which tickled me to no end... here this 88 year old woman was acting like a kid skating curfew and sneaking around behind his back. Oh how the times have turned. Now this patient is still getting adjusted and well into her nineties she now only plays the par 3 golf courses but is still quite active and enjoys making all sorts of things for her great great grand children.

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