Special Needs

Did you know that Dr. Adam used to help teach children with autism before his life changed with chiropractic? This is why he is so passionate about helping children with special needs achieve their optimum health and healing. Not only did Dr. Adam work with children prior to chiropractic, when he was in his internship rotations he worked in the neurological and pediatric units at his college. There he focused on pregnant mothers, children, special needs, and tough cases that other practitioners would refer to him. Later while doing his residency he was working in Southeast Lower Michigan when a patient asked if chiropractic could help her daughter who was on the autism spectrum. Dr. Adam was very happy to see what chiropractic care could do for her daughter and so they made appointments that would ease her into this very hands on form of healthcare.

The young girl came in on her first visit to meet Dr. Adam which caused a great deal of stress just saying hi, little did he know but this child had a history with doctors that wasn't very good. You see she had gone to see someone to have an ingrown toenail removed when she was younger and the doctor removed it without using any analgesics (pain killers) as he thought children with autism didn't really feel pain. This was a grave mistake on his part in Dr. Adam's opinion but the damage was done. Now it was up to Dr. Adam to help restore her perception of doctors and help repair those psychological scars. Dr. Adam took things VERY slowly the next few visits only giving the patient a tour of the office, then sitting next to the patient, until finally she was comfortable enough to allow Dr. Adam to perform an exam. Luckily her brother was able to come along and Dr. Adam showed the patient what and how he was going to test her. This went a long way as she noticed her brother didn't have any pain with any of the tests. She allowed Dr. Adam to perform the tests that he needed to in order to evaluate what care she was going to need going forward.

Once she was comfortable enough to get adjusted Dr. Adam started to adjust her with an extremely light technique that helped her body realign. When she laid down on the table stomach down (we call prone) her legs were 2-3 inches off causing her to have a limp when she walked. When Dr. Adam bent her knees to evaluate her hip involvement she was more than 5 inches off. After several adjustments the patients legs were balances when lying down and only a 1/4 inch off with her knees bent! She no longer walked with a limp. To Dr. Adam's surprise he found out that she had an appointment to have her growth plate shaved down to allow her short leg to catch up... this appointment was no longer needed.

That in itself would be enough but it gets better... apparently when this young lady went to her medical doctor appointment (where she was usually in hysterics and hid in the corner) she not only walked in without anxiety, she sat on the exam table, went through her exam shook the doctors hand and said good bye. She had NEVER done this in her past. Her mother was totally shocked and came in abruptly asking Dr. Adam what he had done to cause such a big change. Doc explained that all he had done was help her body remove and reduce the subluxations in her spine that were acting like static on a phone call confusing and making the communication from body to brain and brain back to body nearly impossible. By reducing and or removing these subluxations everything could work better easing the strain on her brain and allowing her to function at a higher level. She seemed very upset at this change when she came in abruptly as we said before until she looked at Dr. Adam with tears starting to well up and said "Do it again!"

Now this is not what Dr. Adam or any chiropractor expects for every patient with autism, but we never know how much better our body can function when stresses from subluxations are removed. If you are curious as to how chiropractic may help you or your child give us a call for your complimentary consultation with Dr. Adam and the wonderful team here at Mi Family. Our number is 231-498-2128 or feel free to fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.