Carpal Tunnel

So many people think that chiropractic is only about your spine... There is so much more to chiropractic than just pain or your back! That being said many people suffer from conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a condition that many clerical workers, computer workers mechanics, and more deal with from repetitive use injury. One thing that I have always found interesting is that many times patients who undergo surgery to correct the pain into their hands have only temporary relief. Many times the issue that is causing pain in their hands is a result of nerve pressure further up the kinetic chain (follow the path from your fingers to your neck that is the kinetic chain pathway). This is the reason why we always check the entire spine with every patient as well as the patients extremities (everything other than the spine) to see if subluxations are present. A subluxation is a condition where a bone is out of place, misaligned if you will, and this can cause pressure on a nerve causing pain, weakness, and many other symptoms. Many times carpal tunnel is misdiagnosed as carpal tunnel when in fact it is a condition in the neck or the elbow due to arthritic changes from years of uncorrected micro-traumas. One such micro-trauma would be a "fender bender" as a motor vehicle accident even as low as 5 mph can cause whiplash. When the spine is put into a sheering motion like with whiplash the body starts to stabilize with scar tissue that later develops into arthritis. If these conditions are left uncorrected years later symptoms may arise that show signs of things like carpal tunnel or other conditions. This is why chiropractors want to know so much of your history and why we suggest that you get your spine checked after any trauma, accident, or fall. Even if you do not feel like you injured yourself the damage may already be done.

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