Let me tell you about a young child that we had in our office a while back. This child was having some significant bowel movement problems and wasn't able to pass a stool without a great deal of pain and even then rarely. The mother and father brought the child into the practice wondering if there was anything that chiropractic could do to ease the poor child's pain. This youngster was only a few days old at the time. I examined her and found that she had a substantial sacral subluxation! This means that the bone at the base of the spine called the sacrum, (commonly referred to as the tail bone), was misaligned, aka subluxated. This poor child could not pass her stool because the tension on the rectum and sigmoid colon was enormous. Her parents were told to try suppositories to help soften the stool and everything would be okay. Instead the parents brought her to us and after we checked her fully for subluxations it was revealed that she not only had a subluxated sacrum but also showed signs of cervical (neck) subluxations. After the full exam and with the parents consent we delivered an adjustment.

I notified her father that he should take her immediately to the bathroom as she was extremely subluxated and it wouldn't surprise me that with the amount of correction that she would have a significant release of bowel pressure. He insisted that he just take her home, after all it was only a couple of blocks away from my office. I cautioned against that but they left against my advice.

Upon arriving at home the patient's father noticed that he chose poorly (said like the guy in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). When he opened up the back of their vehicle to his surprise, bewilderment, shock, and most of all regret was his daughter happy as a lark and completely covered in feces. Not only did she explode her diaper as we like to refer to that as but also she managed to get it all over her car seat, the seat of the car, and even up into her hair, and folks the point is she was no longer blocked and went on to have regular bowel movements for some time. Her parents continued to get her adjusted as much as they could and still to this day this young lady's routine is that when she gets adjusted she must first head to the bathroom. She is now 9 years old and doing WONDERFULLY! though a bit embarrassed when I tell this story, so this is why I don't mention who she is even though her parents have given me permission to share her story to help others out there who may have children who suffer the same way as their daughter has.