Chiropractic Adjustments

We offer several solutions to your health and wellness but first and foremost the service that we perform here is Chiropractic care. This is a fundamental service helping your brain and body communicate the best way possible. Take for instance if you will a safety pin... if the pin is closed then the pathway from the head of the pin to the loop at the bottom and back up is nearly seamless and you can run continuously upon this loop. This is not the case if the pin has been opened. When opened it is like the pin is subluxated. (a term that we at Mi Family use a lot) Subluxation is when two bones are not in the correct alignment (just like the open safety pin) and inherently cause pressure to be placed upon the nervous system either directly or indirectly like by inflammation. A chiropractic adjustment is like putting the pin back into the head and restoring the loop... or in the case of your spinal column we are realigning your vertebra (spinal bones) and taking pressure back off of your nervous system allowing your brain and body to restore their communications.

Dr. Adam practices several techniques from extremely soft and light to techniques that use enough force to achieve a cavitation or that "pop" that many people hear when an adjustment is performed. What this means is that Dr. Adam uses techniques that allow the bone to move and not cause that pop and ways that will so just because you get adjusted and do not hear a "pop" doesn't mean that the bone didn't move. Also the word or phrase "Crack" is a "4 letter word" in our office. The correct term for that noise is cavitation and you don't "get cracked" you are not an egg, you get adjusted. If you want to know more about what chiropractic can do or offer you please come to one of our weekly spinal workshops held every Tuesday night from 6:30pm to 7pm we always keep these to a half hour for your health and wellness. See you soon.